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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Snack Food-Cool for summertime

The seasons are changing and when it comes to the warmer months there are good snack food to eat that will help you endure the weather change. 

When it comes to our children the summer months are the months that are fun for them! You want to make eating fun too! When you are creative with the snack foods that your kids like they really enjoy it. There is smart snacking at home and on the go that makes it work for the kids to have fun with their good snack food. 
Ways to create snack foods for your kids:
     Colorful fruits and Veggies
  • ·Build a perfect combo
  • ·Wrap it up
  • · Fruit Smoothie
  • · Cucumber Dip
  •   Banana Tortilla Treat 
  •    Mix it Up
  • Chill it with Frozen juice pops
 Here is a good healthy snack:
Yogurt Sundaes
(Makes 2 servings)
 A sweet treat that’s packed with nutrition!

 ·         1 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt (an 8- ounce carton)
·         ½  cup chopped fruit (any kind)
·         ½ cup granola or other cereal
 1.       Spoon yogurt, fruit and cereal into bowls or cups in layers.
 2.       Serve right away or freeze the sundaes and serve them frozen

Create a cool and fun snack for your kids for the summer and have fun!

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