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Friday, April 11, 2014

Online Etiquette-Steps to help you

In a previous blog post that I wrote I spoke about how I had
to change the way I had to communicate online. There is a proper
way to display yourself so that you don’t come across to people
the wrong way. You need to have good and positive practices for
all of your communicating online. If you didn’t read it now is
the time. Click Here. 

Watch this video


In your writing to others you have to have strong online etiquette
with respecting others opinion. You have to be very tactful as to
how you are speaking to others whether it be related to a business
matter or personal. Having the correct tone with your language will
be sensed very easily by the other user. You have to avoid the use
of strong and offensive language and exclamation points.

Here are a few good steps to your online etiquette you need to have:
•Consider others privacy
•Avoid inappropriate material
•Think before you push the send button
•Test for clarity
•Brevity is best
•Stick to the point
•Frivolous email
•Read first, Write later

Once you make it a habit of applying these steps to your online etiquette you will see more and more how important  it is for you to gain a very strong and positive communication with your online activity.

Examples of some expressions and words that can be used to save time
from typing that are very useful.


FYI = for your information
B/C = because
W/ = with
BTW = by the way
F2F = face to face
FAQ = frequently asked questions


:-) = smiley face: happiness, pleasure
:-( = frowning face: displeasure
;-) = wink
:-0 = shock, surprise
:-/ =skepticism, unease, apologetic

More information can be found here in great detail.  Visit here.
I hope that you have found this information helpful. Build your
communication with your online etiquette for the results that you
want for your personal or business use.

Have a productive day!

Ann Moses/Victorious Woman "UNSTOPPABLE"

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Entrepreneurial Mindset-Millionaires vs Middle Class People Pt.1

What type of mindset do you have in terms of becoming an entrepreneur?

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

What Personal Development skills have you applied to yourself?

These are questions that you will have to ask yourself and know why you needed to incorporate this type of mindset.

When it comes to the way millionaires think and the way that middle class people think it is totally different. The millionaire is more focused and positive than the middle class person is.  They tend to think of more of the negative than the positive.

Watch Video

In  the video Success Coach and Mentor Annetta Powell shares with us having an entrepreneurial mindset has made a tremendous change for herself as she has become the millionaire that she knew she could be. 

Upon watching the video I hope that you were able to gather a better understanding as to what type of mindset that you may need to have as a millionaire.  

In closing: "We become what we think about" 

~Earl Nightengale 

My recommendation of a book to read:
Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and  the
Middle Class People 
By Keith Cameron Smith 

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Ann Moses


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Focused Mindset-Having a made up mind

When you are trying so very hard to build an online business with the goal in mind to earn money, it takes a very strong focused mindset to stay plugged into what first attracted you to doing what you have set your mind too do.

The dictionary defines it as this: there are many categories that this word falls into but the one and most SIMPLE one is to CONCENTRATE. You would do that by placing your entire attention on one thing.

If you have been online trying to market your product or service you sure have ran across many other programs and opportunities that took you completely off your square.  In other words distracted you and got your attention on something else. That is a sure sign of not having a focused mindset. 

I encourage you to believe in what you are doing, learn all that you can about it, communicate with your leader and put yourself in the best and highest position to earn the money that you desire to have.

Click here to read more.

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Ann Moses

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Online Marketing-What are your struggles?

 This is a question most network marketers are faced with online marketing. “What are your struggles?”

 I can answer with this generating income. That is usually the most obvious reason why you are  online doing your marketing.
 Your main goal is to earn money. However, earning money online
involves a lot more than what most people think. The method of doing your marketing will be a
process of many steps to
 reaching the level of generating income.

  Perhaps your struggles with online marketing may be not generating leads, no sales,  to your website or blog.You know that without any of theses you are really struggling.
You must position yourself in a way to your prospect that you care about them first and foremost. In doing that it can be to send an email of thinking of you type, a phone call, a chat online.You have to build a means of communication  to establish
a relationship and to let them know that you are not  just trying to sell them something.

 People don’t like to be sold.

 Here are some key points to keep in mind.

 1) You must start by educating a lot of your prospects
     (don't sell them right away)
2) Your focus needs to be on them (their greatest needs)
3) You must show the connection how your product, service or          business opportunity will help them
   4) You must get them to take some massive action

With these key points in doing your online marketing will change your whole outlook around. 

I recommend that you get to know, like and trust your prospects so that you will be able to 
meet their needs and in doing so their needs you will be rewarded in a HUGE way.

I hope this post have given  you another way of approaching your online marketing with fresh ideas.

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Ann Moses

Monday, June 24, 2013

Boost your Confidence-Third Party Validation

Have you ever talked to someone until you were blue in the face? Have you walked a horse to the water but could not make him drink it? What about tooting your horn to a lead (customer) yet you know they didn’t believe you until they heard it from someone else. If you answered yes to any of these question then you need to read on.
If you have been on the internet for any length of time you are always bombarded with all kinds of shiny and hyped up ads and all kinds of advertisement that can be very tempting. However, it is seen more and more as technology changes. This is becoming more common for consumers to ignore the messages for marketing and what makes it even more worst is that the consumer is lead to distrust.

Because of this form of mistrust it is important that third-party validation is used to boost the confidence of your prospect, customer, or  lead. This can be done in many ways. It is important that you implement them so that your customer can have the reassurance that they need to boost their confidence.

Here some of the ways to build confidence:

  1. Your website
  2. Awards and accolades
  3. Press Mentions
  4. Security Seals
  5. Customer testimonies
  6. 3-way call
  7. Video
By applying  these items as listed above for your third-party validation with your online reputation and presence you will leave a lasting impression with your customer. It will help more than it will hurt your customer. Sometimes they just need a little bit more to come to making a decision to purchase your product. It just may lead them to take a leap of faith and step outside of the box!

My mentor Terri Pattio has supported me with third-party validation as I am building my reputation online.

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"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." ~ Og Mandino

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Ann Moses



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anxiety Disorders - Syndication Express

Anxiety Disorders - Syndication Express It is not an easy condition to live with. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. Many people feel anxious, or nervous, when faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision.

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MLM Training - Are YOU A Blessing To Be Blessed - Syndication Express

MLM Training - Are YOU A Blessing To Be Blessed - Syndication Express When you read this post you will know how you are a blessing to others. If YOU are a blessing to be blessed you will surely know it.

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