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Friday, April 11, 2014

Online Etiquette-Steps to help you

In a previous blog post that I wrote I spoke about how I had
to change the way I had to communicate online. There is a proper
way to display yourself so that you don’t come across to people
the wrong way. You need to have good and positive practices for
all of your communicating online. If you didn’t read it now is
the time. Click Here. 

Watch this video


In your writing to others you have to have strong online etiquette
with respecting others opinion. You have to be very tactful as to
how you are speaking to others whether it be related to a business
matter or personal. Having the correct tone with your language will
be sensed very easily by the other user. You have to avoid the use
of strong and offensive language and exclamation points.

Here are a few good steps to your online etiquette you need to have:
•Consider others privacy
•Avoid inappropriate material
•Think before you push the send button
•Test for clarity
•Brevity is best
•Stick to the point
•Frivolous email
•Read first, Write later

Once you make it a habit of applying these steps to your online etiquette you will see more and more how important  it is for you to gain a very strong and positive communication with your online activity.

Examples of some expressions and words that can be used to save time
from typing that are very useful.


FYI = for your information
B/C = because
W/ = with
BTW = by the way
F2F = face to face
FAQ = frequently asked questions


:-) = smiley face: happiness, pleasure
:-( = frowning face: displeasure
;-) = wink
:-0 = shock, surprise
:-/ =skepticism, unease, apologetic

More information can be found here in great detail.  Visit here.
I hope that you have found this information helpful. Build your
communication with your online etiquette for the results that you
want for your personal or business use.

Have a productive day!

Ann Moses/Victorious Woman "UNSTOPPABLE"

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  1. Go back to the way you were raised with good matters and respect to others.