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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Online Marketing-What are your struggles?

 This is a question most network marketers are faced with online marketing. “What are your struggles?”

 I can answer with this generating income. That is usually the most obvious reason why you are  online doing your marketing.
 Your main goal is to earn money. However, earning money online
involves a lot more than what most people think. The method of doing your marketing will be a
process of many steps to
 reaching the level of generating income.

  Perhaps your struggles with online marketing may be not generating leads, no sales,  to your website or blog.You know that without any of theses you are really struggling.
You must position yourself in a way to your prospect that you care about them first and foremost. In doing that it can be to send an email of thinking of you type, a phone call, a chat online.You have to build a means of communication  to establish
a relationship and to let them know that you are not  just trying to sell them something.

 People don’t like to be sold.

 Here are some key points to keep in mind.

 1) You must start by educating a lot of your prospects
     (don't sell them right away)
2) Your focus needs to be on them (their greatest needs)
3) You must show the connection how your product, service or          business opportunity will help them
   4) You must get them to take some massive action

With these key points in doing your online marketing will change your whole outlook around. 

I recommend that you get to know, like and trust your prospects so that you will be able to 
meet their needs and in doing so their needs you will be rewarded in a HUGE way.

I hope this post have given  you another way of approaching your online marketing with fresh ideas.

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Ann Moses

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  1. Hey Guys,this information is incredible,when you can give your new prospects what they are looking for you always have a better chance to service them.This was a great tip for you to follow in this blog,lets give Ann a big hand!!!! thanks

    Jimmy Pasadena,CA