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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother’s Day-A gift of love

There are many women who are mothers and who are not. They also have a daughter or do not have a daughter. When you became a mother it wasn’t until you realized just how courageous your mother was/is. She may have been battling the fight of cancer, she might have a nasty divorce with your dad, and there were other issues of life that she had to fight with on a daily basis.
You know through it all she came out on top. You want to share with the world your Mother’s Day expression from a daughter’s heart. One thing to keep in mind is that life is so short, and none of us are promised tomorrow. I pray that God bless all of the Mother’s all around the world. Most of all I thank God for my mother and every day that we have with each other.
Remember When

Life takes us through many changes like the seasons of each year,
Some so unforgettable we sometimes shed a tear.
I remember when I was a little girl, it seems not long ago,
My mother would shelter me in her arms,
A feeling I thought I'd never outgrow.
Maybe I really haven't because hidden inside of me,
There's still that need to hold her,
Though are chances are few and far between.
We live our lives looking back on memories of the past,
Ones we often cherish, for time moves along so fast.
I remember my teenage years, rebellious as they were,
Though I'd made many mistakes I could always count on her.
Oh the times I'd hurt her with the hateful things I'd say,
I hope she knows how sorry I am and how much I love her today.
As children we don't realize how words can break a heart,
Leave scars that last a lifetime and tear two lives apart.
Though forgiveness isn't easy, we've found it through the years,
My mother and I are closer than ever,
Our love has washed away the tears.
So let me tell you that I love you mom, in this message that I send,
Though time is ever changing, I'll always remember when.

Author: © Kathy J Parenteau
From me to you be blessed on This Mother’s Day 2013!




  1. Women deserve more then just one day of support.

    1. You are absolutely right Devin. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Mom's love unconditionally and we were once daughters that didn't speak so kind to our Mother's ~ As a Mom, we know you didn't mean it and our revenge comes when you have a child!

    1. Yes a mother's love is unconditional, even though a mother and a daughter may not speak for a period of time the reunion is an AWESOME!

  3. This was a very moving and passionate Mother's Day blog. Yes a mother's love is unconditional and should be cherish. So while you still have a mother, tell her how much she's loved, kiss her, hold her, etc.... because when she's gone, you'll never have another one. I so wish I could have one more time to hug and kiss my mother. So Happy Mother's Day to all!!

  4. I agree with you 100% Sheila. There are so many children who never knew their mother or ever had one. For those who do it is such a blessing to cherish every moment you can with your mother and to tell her you Love her and hug her. I know you miss your mother dearly.