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Monday, March 26, 2012

Social Proof-I have it with IBOTOOLBOX

What is social proof? It is defined as  informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people My IBoSocialassume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.More detailed information can be found here.
There are many things that help visitors and readers come to your blog and return to it. It obviously is the content that interested them in the first place. Also it increases a visitors confidence in your blog/website. There is proof of this with social engagement of displaying your social numbers, subscribers, followers, fans, tweets, likes and other shares that you may have on your blog or website.

meI show my social proof with my favorite site IBOTOOLBOX. When my visitors see the proof that I have with my interaction with the site. It leaves a very good impression. I know that the visitor is guaranteed to come back. Why? Because they see the displays of my likes, followers, my site stats, page views and anything else that may jump out at them.
IBOToolbox , has made it so easy for me to build my business. I get massive exposure every DAY! That is HUGE! You can’t get an more easy way to brand yourself and business for a little of nothing than that!

I encourage you to get on board today!  IBOTOOLBOX is truly the best thing since “sliced bread”! JDI (Just Do It).

Also do leave any comments, questions and suggestions you may have below this post. Your expressions are always welcomed.

IBOTOOLBOX will work if you work it!

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