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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Online Support-Does your mentor give you online support?

When it comes to various types of online tasks and skills it is overwhelming.There are many I will name just a few ways to get support with online support: website, creating a PDF doc, marketing a video, uploading a picture, making a slide show, how to email, learning Microsoft suite,  how to create a PowerPoint, how to create a scrap book and the list goes on and on. However, when you learn of the help menu in your software program you will quickly learn to let it become your best friend!

Once you have created a relationship with a special person that you trust and who has the skills of a leader with character and integrity you will call them your mentor. To have a mentor while building an online business is very important to have. Why because they are going to teach, train and educate you on the skills that you need to build your business right. I know from my own personal experience there were many skills that I had no knowledge of when it came to blogging, advertising, marketing and branding myself. To add to that to learn of the concepts of the various sites to get the online exposure that I needed.Then there was to learn and know of the different terminology that is used online as well as the etiquette I had to develop more of. The best part about my online skills that I do have is that I was familiar with doing a lot of navigating because of me being self taught. That was because of me putting in hours and hours of just teaching myself stuff.

Now as a mentioned having a mentor to lead and guide me along the way was the missing link to me building my business online. Yes, you do have to have one! I know I could not do it alone. I was fortunate to have meet a most awesome lady who is a "Mentor with a servant's heart" Terri Pattio.  She is truly the best example of a leader. She will guide you all the way through any level you are at. It doesn't matter if it is business related or personal. It is all about helping people reach their success in Network Marketing. The knowledge she has in personal development  and online skills is much to be impressed it. To make the description of Terri can only be said like this: "she is A WEALTH OF INFORMATION".

My finale words are having a good leader as your mentor is the key to you having the success with your online business. This is the best online support you can have in building your business.

Get Educated with your mentor today!

Don't just take my word for it about my mentor Terri Pattio, go check her out for yourself.

Ann Moses

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  1. Terri Is A Great Person that wants to help you to succeed. Check her out! Very caring and helpful.