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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Mentor-Who is amazing!

To define or describe a mentor to be amazing is such a HUGE word! When I think of my mentor and the millions who don’t know her the way that I do she is someone to get to know.

Her level of leadership, skills, and knowledge is comprised of so much! She has the heart of gold and seeks to help as many people as she can. There is no one I am more proud of to have helped me as much as she has then Terri Pattio.
Since I have built a relationship with her over these many months a year to be exact, I became to know her in a very special way. For all of the help that I need she is there. She has supported  me 100% of the way! She has my back no matter what. When it comes to offline as well as online I know I can depend on her commitment. She will go over and above to get you to your success.

Terri, is a mentor who stays on my mind all of the time even if I don’t speak with her on the phone for a day. There is nothing that I do without thinking about her. Because of those thoughts being so strong there is this one song that sticks in my head. “You are amazing just the way you are”. The song has it’s own meaning to it however, just that hook line stayed in my spirit.
I dedicate this post to you Terri Pattio, a mentor who I will be forever grateful for.

Amazing people will change your life.

I need you to read a very serious and touching story about Terri Pattio here.

Terri Pattio, is truly “a mentor with a servant’s heart”

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Make someone smile today!
Ann Moses

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  1. Hi Ann. I agree 100% with everything you say about Terri. She is a wonderful woman. I don't have a mentor but I have been thinking about Terri a lot since I got to know her.