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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bad Leadership-When leadership fails

There are so many ways to think that you are involved with a good leader. However, as time goes on you find out that you are not working with a clean, cut, and dry of a leader. There is that negative side of a leader having bad leadership.

On the flipside of it you are looking and expecting a good leader to have a true and sincere heart in the things that he/she is telling you. You expect that their communication skills are well groomed, then there is their professional business knowledge, and finally you expect that have a good heart. You hope for a sense of compassion, and empathy from them when times call for that side of them to be displayed. What you don’t expect is for a leader to trick you into doing things for their personal gain. You also don’t them to manipulate and control you in a way where all the benefits points to them.

We can’t assume that just because a person holds a certain position that they are a good leader. This is not true. Keep in mind that all leaders are not the same. There comes a point and time when a company needs to be able to recognize that there are problems in the leadership. When there is a problem in leadership that equals to bad leadership.

There are some real obvious things to notice when leadership is failing. You have to be very mindful of seeing a change in the company with the leadership. Complete detail can be found here about the signs to know with bad leadership
Here is a list of a few red flags to know about a bad leader:

  • When leaders fail to lead themselves
  • Put-up or shut-up
  • Beware of the know –it all
  • When there’s failure to communicate
  •  It’s all about them
  • Death by comfort zone
  • The “A” word (accountable)
  • Strong persuasion
  • Being the center of attention

To conclude this post is to note that leaders need to be honest, have a successful track record from beginning to end, display great communication skills, and lead others with a servant’s heart. If you are not seeing these traits by your leader then nine times out of ten, he/she are displaying bad leadership skills. You must do your due diligence and research who you are dealing with and know what they are all about. If you don’t you could be taken on a rocky ride.

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© 12-9-2012 Ann Moses


  1. This is a smart article because you have to ask questions then be quiet and Listen to what your students have to say. When you do that they will ask you for help instead of the other people whom they have the option to ask.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Hi Lawrence, yes indeed asking questions and listening and paying close attention to body language is very important how too' know what you are dealing with. Thank you for your comment. Happy Holidays!

  2. Our perception of our world around us and the people in it is everything. Many find it easy to be critical and judgemental of others. Leaders can only effectively lead when they have the faith and confidence of their followers. Once that is gone, they can no longer effectively lead. We each choose those in which to follow. Much like choosing a mentor, these individuals are often held in high esteem. We empower ourselves and others through our choices and actions. Great article Ann, I enjoyed the read!