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Monday, March 18, 2013

Focused vs Determination-It takes both Pt. 2

I recently experienced an issue that is a “computer addict’s” nightmare. It was NO INTERNET SERVICE for two weeks. Oh my, I had to put a plan B into action pretty quick! In case you didn't read part one of my computer nightmare click here. 
The plan come from the fact of me being focused on what the main reason was for being on the internet in the first place. Then there was a very strong sense of determination that I had for knowing my reason why I needed to be on the internet. I quickly realized that it took both of these factors. I had to access the problem and make a firm decision as to what to do.

My passion, dedication and commitment to myself are so deep within until I knew I had no options for being without internet service.
I knew that since I am building my online business (empire/enterprise), there is certain task that was a MUST to do daily. The thought of not being able to do these tasks just turned my stomach. My reasons for this emotional upset was due to the fact that I am on the internet for REAL and not playing around just to be doing something with the computer. All of these emotions stem from me being focused and having a strong determination to do what I know I needed to do to move my business forward. Through this experience I had to resort to using my smartphone. (Which I was not fond of) I knew as soon as my plan of action kicked in I would be happy!
The experience of not having NO INTERNET SERVICE has finally ended. I now have internet service and I am so glad that I was focused and have a determination to keep my business moving forward with just some of the small tasks. It is the small things that grow into BIG things!
Thank you for reading and visiting. I would love to read your comments, questions, and suggestions on my experience. Leave below this post.

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  1. When you are serious about what you are doing online you will have a determination to make it happen. At the end of the day you will say It worked and I did it!