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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012-Remembering our Soldiers

Memorial Day is the kick off of the summer season. But there is very strong significance to the day that is set aside for all Americans around the world. It is a day that is marked as a national holiday to remember all of the veterans who have sever our country. They put their lives down on the line and it is all bout them giving their all.

Our current U.S. President Barack Obama honors the county’s war dead by interacting with their families across the country in various festive events. It is a tradition for the U. S. President to visit Arlington National Cemetery to pay respect to all the soldiers who served in wars.
Many Americans have an extended weekend with the day off from work. This is for reason for families to come together celebrating in the form of picnics, cook outs, trips, beach outings, camping and more.
Perhaps this poem will set the tone as to what this day is all about.

Soldier Buried on the Battlefield
(Unknown Author)

And when the wind in the tree-tops roared,
The soldier asked from the deep dark grave:
"Did the banner flutter then?"
"Not so, my hero," the wind replied.
"The fight is done, but the banner won,
Thy comrades of old have borne it hence,
Have borne it in triumph hence."
Then the soldier spake from the deep dark grave:
"I am content."

Then he heareth the lovers laughing pass,
and the soldier asks once more:
"Are these not the voices of them that love,
That love--and remember me?"
"Not so, my hero," the lovers say,
"We are those that remember not;
For the spring has come and the earth has smiled,
And the dead must be forgot."
Then the soldier spake from the deep dark grave:
"I am content."

With this day Memorial Day being set aside is a time of reflecting and remembering our soldiers in a special way that will be unforgettable to each and every American.

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. ~James Bryce
Ann Moses

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